SIO PROTECT acts as a second transparent layer providing increased protection against the elements.


This new transparent coating is brighter, chemical resistant and harder than the original clear coat.

SIO PROTECT provides incredible protection against minor scratches, acid rain, pollution, bird droppings, discoloration fading and UV rays.


SIO PROTECT is a thin, flexible and semi-permanent coating with extremely durable shine, enhancing colors and unimaginable hydrophobic properties.

Our high-quality, low-maintenance self-cleaning coating is smooth to the touch and gives the paint an intense gloss.


The unrivaled protection of SIO PROTECT from environmental factors will keep the body of your car as beautiful as new as long as you have it.


Tested and approved by the laboratories. SIO PROTECT offers you the guarantee of an unequaled satisfaction.


SIO PROTECT special textile creates a high-tech super hydrophobic coating based on advanced nanotechnology to protect your interior surfaces like fabric seats, carpet, leather, and vinyl.

SIO PROTECT textile allows the material to breathe, no odor, retaining its natural feel and its original look. Liquids are unable to attach or penetrate the fibers and are repelled in droplets.

Developed specifically for automotive, marine, and aircraft fibers, so it out preforms other products formulated for home uses.

SIO PROTECT Textile's ultra safe technology give peace of mind for people with children or pets.


SIO PROTECT Glass protects your windshields, windshields, windows, mirrors, headlights and glass surfaces for 12 months.


SIO PROTECT Glass provides a clear, protective coating over glass to keep glass surfaces cleaner and clearer. The coating is resistant to wiper blades and outlasts ordinary glass sealants by a wide margin. SIO PROTECT Glass improves driver visibility in all weather conditions.


SIO PROTECT Glass bonds with the glass to create a slick barrier between the glass and the elements. Rain beads up and rolls off treated glass. Dirt is less able to stick. Insects and ice are easier to remove. Smears caused by wiper blades are all but eliminated and blades glide noiselessly over the smooth coating.



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