An invisible & resistant coating for protection against microbial attack.

Products are water-based and environmentally friendly. Can be applied indoor and outdoor


Safe and healthy anti-bacterial functionality - the presence can be checked with a marker.


Prevents micro scratches & reduces damage by improving the friction coefficient


Prevents microbial odors


Makes treated surfaces repellent with water, oils, soda, red wine, soiling ...




Permanent fungicidal function


Facilitates cleaning and removal of limescale, soot, grease, dust, etc.

SIO PROTECT is professionally applied by our technicians.


SIO PROTECT is an exceptional, multi award-winning technology that protects industrial and domestic surfaces with an invisible, ultra-thin, breathable, easy to clean. simply done with water without any aggressive chemicals.


SIO PROTECT's nano-coating technology is a liquid solution without nanoparticles that forms an extremely thin coating of the order of nano (500 times thinner than a human hair), it is this extremely thin thickness that one describes as nanotechnology. SIO PROTECT is safe for health.


SIO PROTECT technology makes it possible to deposit a nano scale layer of molecular glass, without particles (500 times thinner than human hair), on most surfaces. The molecules of glass (silicon dioxide: SiO2) come from pure quartz sand, of which there are vast reserves, as SiO2 is one of the most abundant compounds on the planet. Like household glass, the coatings are chemically inert and highly resistant to commonly used cleaning chemicals. The coatings also offer resistance to seawater, alkalis, acids and solvents.


However, despite some similarities with standard glass, SIO PROTECT coatings are extremely different. The layer is flexible, breathable, very durable, heat resistant, anti-microbial and offers non-stick characteristics "easy cleaning".

SIO PROTECT Nano Surfaces Protection offers an international service. Our professional team will come to you and apply the appropriate treatment to the surface.

SIO PROTECT Nano Surfaces Protection knows that harsh winter conditions, intensive use and environmental pollutants can damage the appearance of your belonging, house, vehicle, aircraft, boats, etc. We offer a new generation of "liquid glass "professionals, respecting the most stringent standards.

SIO PROTECT Nano Surfaces Protection offers a professional coating that effectively prolongs and improves the appearance of your property. Scientifically formulated using proprietary components and technologies, we provide the most advanced solutions to enhance and protect your paint, glass, chrome, fabric, carpet / carpet, leather, tile, stone.


SIO PROTECT has developed a specific formula for each of the treated surfaces, taking into account the specificities of the supports. 

Some example of possible applications.

Household / Protection

Anti-limescale protection, easy to clean, anti-mold of joints


Hygiene of bathroom ceramics, toilet lids, sanitary surfaces

Hygiene & Protection

Protection and permanent hygiene carpet, carpets, textiles, leather, sofa, curtains


Reduction of infections in the kitchen: worktops and boards, work surfaces, floor, kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, sinks

Stainless steel

Reduction of infections on handrails and stainless steel elevator

 Protection against infections

 Protection against infections on plastics, stainless steel or painted surfaces in public toilets, hotels, public transport and businesses


Permanent disinfection

Permanent disinfection of surfaces in health care facilities or where surfaces are at high risk of infection

Hydrophobic / self cleaning 

Water-repellent, hydrophobic, anti-lime, self-cleaning effect

Hygiene / Anti - bacterial

Permanent hygiene of floors and other surfaces


 Anti-mildew protection, anti-limescale, water repellent, easy cleaning of bathrooms, sanitary


Water repellent / Protection

 Water-resistant, outdoor garden furniture, rain protection, soiling


Hydrophobic protection

Hydrophobic treatment, anti-mold, anti-foam, anti-dirt, pollution