Your yacht is inevitably exposed to the sun, salt or rain leading to oxidation, corrosion and a less attractive exterior. This damage comes in the form of colour fading, gloss fading, and general degradation of the surface.

Our removable ceramic coating create a very thin layer (500 times thinner than a human hair) that fill the pores of the paint/gelcoat, blocking tannins or other staining agents such as exhaust soot, oils and even bird droppings from penetrating and leaving a stain behind.


One of the most desired features of this coating is that it is extremely hydrophobic creating a self-cleaning effect.  SIO PROTECT treatment will greatly reduce your cleaning time because most of the dirt gets removed from the initial rinse.


No comparison with other brands, Sio Protect is the only one company who propose ultra hydrophobic treatments of protection without sanding to be re-apply or the use of agressive chemical removal gel preserving the thickness of the paint.



Traditional ceramic coatings needs to be sanded to be re-applied reducing thickness of paint or gelcoat. "SIO PROTECT" can be re-applied at anytime after an annual light non-abrasive polishing.

This allows to have a 100% gloss level at all times when traditional ceramic coating loses up to 30% of its gloss per year due to brush and chamy abrasion.

You can get all the benefits of a ceramic coating without the expense and headaches of traditional hard ceramic coatings.


• Protect paint and gelcoat from sun UV rays fading and aging

• Preserves and protect from exhaust staining and salt water damage

• Intense gloss shine and semi-permanant hydrophobic layer

• Makes the surfaces easy to clean, reducing maintenance costs.

• No harsh or expensive cleaning, or environmentaly damaging chemicals are required.

• Keep the shine for twelve months with the higher gloss shine.

• No sanding require for re-application


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